Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 w/ Tercera Docena

 Meal 1: ww bread w/ hummus, coffee

Meal 2: yogurt, honeydew

Meal 3: vegetable soup with bread and tomato salad, half peach

Meal 4: cafe con leche, 2 medialunas

Meal 5: grilled cheese, Patagonia beer—the grilled cheese was lacking, maybe some mustard or something next time would help? Pesto? And sadly, the beer, which was double the price of Quilmes was not up to the task of providing a beer with double the gusto.

Meal 6: 4 empanadas from La Tercera Docena—a total accident, as I didn't realize until after I'd paid for four that they must have doubled me up on something. I got two cheese and corn, which definitely weren't needed. They were good, but combined with the humita and chard and cheese, it was way too rich. Next time, 2 empanadas (humita and acelga) and a healthy side of veggies would be a more satisfying order. I checked on the souffle empanadas, and they are cooked in beef fat, as Martín indicated. =(

Update: I gave the pizza a try.  It was good.  The mozzarella is a deal, at 12 pesos for a large, however, the one I chose was pricier (still a good deal), but all their pizzas only come in large, and I just don't have the self-control to handle that!  Vizio's is still my top choice.

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