Saturday, March 7, 2009


Parilla, 60 e/ 23 and 24

We arrived at 10:15, but our whole party didn't make it until 10:45 or so. While we got a bottle of wine for the wait, the waitress seemed to have lost interest in us by the time we were all together. We were able to place our orders around 11:15, and ready for another bottle of wine around 11:45. Our food finally came out around midnight. I'm not sure I was really in a place to review it after all the wine, as my attention was more focused on the french fries that continually sailed past our table than the food, but...

It's a parilla, and everyone else ordered meat (none of it came with fries). I got big raviolis stuffed with ricotta, walnuts, olives, and another cheese (mozzarella?)...topped with pesto, although they had a house sauce that also looked fantastic (I wasn't sure how it'd combine with the ravioli). I finished the plate with no issues, and used some bread to soak up the remaining pesto, and truly believe it was a great meal, although I can't be 100% sure. The restaurant was full, which is always a good sign. The recommendation came from Mary Andrews, as it is a favorite of one of her bosses. Prices were reasonable, the pasta was about 20 pesos, with another 10 for the sauce, our wine was about 20/bottle. Cubiertos were 2 pesos.

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