Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Antares--St. Patrick's Day

Ah, Antares. It may be expensive, but for the quality, it's at the top of my list. Jen and I have long disagreed on this, but I think it comes down to this: if you're looking to get drunk, it's not an economical option. If you're looking for a rich, delicious beer, or even a bit more variety than the local cafes, it's fabulous. The food is good, and an interesting change from American pub food.

We went on St. Patrick's Day, as there was a firm pact between Jen and I to avoid Wilkenny, La Plata's "official" Irish pub, and an overpriced bar in its own right (more due to the prevalence of imported beer, but their domestic beer is also overpriced).

Anyway, we made it for happy hour, when they had two half-liters for $13 (pesos)...Jen and I started early, with some liters in the plaza, but still enjoyed ourselves--me, a bit too much!

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