Friday, March 6, 2009

Restaurant Wei Mei Xiang

Chinese Restaurant, diag. 74 e/ 6 and 7

I ordered the veggie eggrolls with sweet and sour, and a vegetable chow mein, Neither were particularly impressive. The eggrolls had too much dough, with little filling and the sweet and sour sauce just wasn't the bright orange, gooey type I was hoping for. While there was nothing wrong with the chow mein, it also failed to impress. Mostly noodles, with a smattering of typical Argentine vegetables, it felt very pedestrian. Some bok choy or little corn would have made a big difference, but alas, maybe the bok choy is nonexistent here and the corn an American addition? Either way, I think the veggies with tofu is the way to go here.

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