Sunday, March 22, 2009

El Recinto-Empanadas

Diag. 77 e/ Plaza Italia y 6

I went out for empanadas again, this time selecting the small, family owned restaurant around the corner from my house.

The masa was definitely not as good as I'm used to, it was very ordinary-tasting. The fillings were good, I had an acelga (chard) empanada that came with huevo duro, which was good, but typical. I also had the choclo (corn), which came with a cream sauce. I prefer my choclo empanadas without a cream sauce, although cheese can be good. And, I had a cheese and onion. This was also good, but typical. They were $2.25 each. They also had a Roquefort and nuez on the menu, but were out of it when I ordered. I may return if I'm craving a roquefort empanada, but aside from this, La Tercera Docena still wins, which is unfortunate, because I'd prefer to support the mom-n-pop operation. Maybe I will anyway.

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