Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Restaurant on Gral Flores, Colonia

We ate lunch in Colonia, while spending the day there. It was a bit tricky to avoid tourist traps (Martín is talking incessantly about the U$S 5 hamburger we saw listed at one place). We settled on a place that had reasonable prices and was reasonably busy. I ordered a beer from the tap, which I believe was a Patricia (one of Uruguay's 2 national beer brands), which was good, however it felt smaller than the half liter they advertised. We also ordered pizza, I had hongos on my half.

The mushrooms were marinated, which may have been a good thing due to them coming from a can, but they tasted fairly vinegary. They were also pricey, costing almost U$S 2 for half the pizza. However, eating in Uruguay tends to be cheap and I was dead tired and starving (feeling the first effects of a cold), so I had no real complaints.

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