Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meal 1: Coffee, Crackers with bean spread

Meal 2:

Meal 3:
carrot and tomato salad, bread—a weak day for the vegetarian at El Bohio.

Meal 4:
lentils and rice, plum

Meal 5:
Solo Empenadas ($2.50 each):
  • Onion and Cheese: pastry tastes dry, and covers way outside the filling. Filling is kinda goopy, onions don't give enough sweetness.
  • Roquefort: Similar pastry problem, disappointing overall. And after the last AMAZING one I had in Gualeguaychu, there's no going back.
  • Tomato and Albahaca: the best for last. This left me wanting more, although it may have just been exceptional in reference to the last two.
Wine and chard (felt like I needed a bit more vegetable in my day). Cookies.

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