Monday, February 9, 2009

Kentucky (Pizza)

After the River Plate game and a longish walk back to the subte station, we were fried! We headed for the plethora of restaurants in Palermo, and upon exiting the subte station, ran to the first pizza place we saw—Kentucky, boasting the best pizza in Palermo since 1942. The place usually had a good sized crowd of locals, so we decided to give it a try.

Ambiance was typical of a Buenos Aires restaurant/cafe, the Boca Junior's game was blaring in the background, everything was well-lit, and the walls were covered in memorabilia and advertising for everything from Coca Cola to products from the restaurant's early days in the 40's. Jose and I split a liter of Quilmes, which was delicious after being parched in the stands during the afternoon game. We ended up ordering a large mozzarella pizza and a small eggplant pizza, which provided a good quantity of food. The pizzas were perfect representations of the best of Argentine pizza. A thicker, but crunchy crust had a light layer of sauce, and was LOADED with cheese. My eggplants were marinated in a lot of vinegar and not cooked to the silky perfection I prefer, but a good break from the cheesy goodness. However, next time I'd try a different topping. We also split a portion of faína, so Jose and Bettina could try it. It was good, but I think the last one I had was better. Everyone left very satisfied.

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