Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009 (Pizzeria Bacci)

Meal 1: Pizza from Casa Bacci, Diag. 74 e/ 4 y5

Casa Bacci aims for a thick crust pizza, but their masa is a bit more like an unsweetened cake. Really, it's bread topped with a very light layer of sauce and lots of cheese. Very good, a large cost us $20 (pesos), and was more than MartĂ­n and I could finish together. (Typically a large is perfect for the two of us.)

Update: 5/4/09

Tuesday night we went to the original Bacci’s for pizza.  As a large group, we ordered 5 pizzas, with humita, espinaca, and muzarella being the vegetarian options.   Once again, espinaca was my favorite—muzarella just reminds me too much of cheese bread, as they use very little sauce.  The humita had a cream sauce mixed in with the corn, on top of the cheese which was just too rich and lacking a distinctive flavor.  However, the pizza was identical to that served at the Bacci on 74 (which we then had on Saturday night). =P

Meal 2: Pasta with roasted bellpepper, eggplant, and zapallito sauce, shredded cheese. Bailey's.

Meal 3: Giant peach.

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