Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meal 1: crackers with garbanzo spread.

Meal 2: pizza and beer with Jose and Bettina. Random Recoleta place, good pizza, but nothing to rave about.

Meal 3: I had a healthy salad planned, but my roommates were hogging the kitchen making empanadas. And I wanted empanadas too! So, it was time to check out La Tercera Docena, the empanada chain around the corner. I'd heard they weren't good, but after my disappointing experience at Solo Empanadas, I had to see for myself.

For comparison purposes, I tried to order the same combination, but tercera docena doesn't have a typical variety. The only one I could repeat was cebolla con queso. In comparison, the masa was much better--light and flakey, probably containing a lot more fat, but very tasty. The onion filling was neither goopy nor lacking sweetness, I'd have to complain of the opposite. It was a bit too cheesey (if there is such a thing), and the onions were TOO sweet.

I also tried a humita, since this is a common offering, and one I'm familiar with. It was very rich, filled with a white cream sauce, however very tasty. While I'd definitely repeat it, one was enough.

The third empanada, acelga con queso followed the trend. It was very cheesey, but yummy. Repeatable, though probably not too many times. Martin believes all fried empanadas are fried in beef fat, and therefore not vegetarian. If this is the case, La Tercera Docena's veggie options are somewhat limited. Since I usually eat 3 for a meal, I'd have to repeat an acelga or humita. (The only other option was corn with cheese, which I'm guessing wouldn't impress me, given the others.)

However, a salad would be a good accompaniement to two empanadas, and make the decision a bit easier. =P

Wine accompanied the meal, soley due to the richness of the food. ;-)

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