Monday, April 6, 2009


On 10 and diag. 74, across from La Trattoria

We came here for the Last Supper--Mary Andrew's going away dinner, before I left for Mendoza, and she left for the US, forever.

The menu has a superficial American twist--like Fridays, or Appleby's, your eye is immediately drawn to the American Pizza, the nachos, or the American burger. However, closer inspection reveals that the nachos come with --, the American pizza has egg on it, and well...I probably should have ordered the Greek Pizza with a larger grain of salt.

But it said "goat cheese," and well...what more could I ask for? Pickles? Well, yeah, it also had pickles. Not the greek combination I was hoping for, and nothing to knock my socks off, but an interesting experience, for an okay price.

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