Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Montecatini (Mendoza)

General Paz 370

The Lonely Planet says, "For over 40 years Montecatini has been dishing out some of the city{s finest pasta, handmade by the same chefs for nearly as long. The dated but classic Godfather atmosphere and side-street location add to the appeal." friends went and recommended it. It looked a little classy for a lunch spot, but I was starving, having just gotten off a 17 hour bus ride from La Plata, and decided to do my thing there. Service was excellent. There were very few vegetarian choices, but I went with the Spinach fettucini with mushrooms. I had a choice of a white or red (tomato) sauce, and went with the red, because I felt like I needed something a bit lighter and healthier, although it seemed to be a bit oily (re: tasty), so I'm not sure I accomplished my mission. I'd say the combination definitely was meant for a cream sauce.

Given that, the pasta was excellent, as was the tomato sauce. I finished it, although I really didn't need to. Bread was served with butter--always a treat here! And I finished things off with an espresso, hoping to find drive to continue the afternoon, but the caffeine boost was unfortunately ineffective.

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