Thursday, April 2, 2009

Machu Picchu

Jessie was having a going away party, and chose the Peruvian restaurant in Plaza Italia. I had passed it before, and noted the range of pastas and pizzas offered--not particularly Peruvian by any means.

However, they did offer ceviche and a potato dish with cheese sauce that sounded familiar. Unfortunately, the potatoes were the only Peruvian vegetarian option, and I'd had something similar for lunch, so I went for the pizza and a pisco sour. I ordered the pisco sour shortly after arriving. Most of our party was VERY late, so 45 minutes later, when we were ready to order, I was still waiting for my drink. The waitress passed by several times to confirm I still wanted it (and to see if we were planning to order food). Finally, the drink came, and we waited for her to return to take our order.

And waited. She arrived, at last, and the food followed shortly after. Unfortunately, the rest of the group, who had ordered drinks with their food were left waiting. My pizza, while not inedible (can pizza be inedible?!) was the least impressive I can think of. Another cheese bread, with a very slight layer of cheese that seemed nothing like mozzarella, although that's what the menu had claimed. However, I can't say the food was bad, as all was eagerly eaten, with nearly nothing left over. Most of the drinks came about 10 minutes after the food; however some followed 20 minutes after we had finished eating. Each time, the waitress passed frequently, acknowledging that we had ordered a drink, and it was coming, with no acknowledgement of the ridiculous delay.

As far as the pisco sour, it was tasty, light on pisco and sweet. Perhaps a good summary of the restaurant? Short on substance, with a great, light attitude.

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