Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mercado Central (Mendoza)

Las Heras and Patricias Mendocinas

While not exactly a restaurant, I ate a couple meals here, as it's a cheap place to grab quick food. I first bought a couple slices at the de un Rincón de La Boca stand, which reputedly has the best pizza in Mendoza. I found it rather average. There was a flavorful drizzle of oil on top of the pizza, however the crust was fairly basic, if not an odd mix between the thick crust, french-bready Argentine dough, and the regular wood-fired dough.

The next day, I was ravenous at that sticky 6-o'clock hour. Still hours before dinner, but enough past lunch that no one is eating a real meal, so I stopped by the mercado again, this time for empanadas. There was a good selection of basic vegetarian empanadas--I went for the choclo and olive and cheese options. Then, I sent the choclo back, as it appeared to have fish or chicken in it.

The girl at the counter promptly brought it back to me, promising it was only corn and seasonings. Dubiously, I gave it a try, and after all, I believe she was probably right. However, I can't explain what gave it the appearance. The filling was tasty.

However, with both pies, the pastry got in the way. It was too flakey--felt like it'd be better suited to a dessert pastry than the heavier, savory fillings it contained. It probably shouldn't have been so distracting, but it was. Yet, I left with my belly ready to withold the dinner-wait.

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