Friday, April 10, 2009

El Palenque (Mendoza)

Arístides Villanueva 287

Another Mendoza hotspot, Dresden and I arrived here a bit early, but the patio was already packed. Their claim-to-fame is apparently the penguin-shaped pitchers which are used to serve sangria and other libations.

The prices were moderate. I went with a pizza with arugula and lemon juice, which was tasty (and very lemony). I got a kick out of the name of the pizza--El Gaucho, as it seems about as un-cowboy-friendly as possible. However, they had an American pizza, which was simply mozzarella and olives, and about as Argentine as I can imagine.

Dresden ordered a simple Caesar salad, which she said tasted overly-fishy. The sangria was tasty, but with no fruit and probably very little alcohol.

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