Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009-Mar del Plata

Meal 1: Grapes and mate, plum

Meal 2: 2 slices of cheese pizza (4 pesos!)

Meal 3: Pastry splurge! 2 medialunas salados, a churro relleno con dulce de leche, pastry with raspberry filling, Diet Coke. I've been wanting to try the churro relleno ever since I learned of its existence. This one wasn't particularly impressive, although I'd give one another shot, warm. The raspberry pastry was delicious, and the medialunas were good.

Meal 3.5: Antares Scotch beer...yum! Real beer, after so long...

Meal 4: 2 milanesas de soja con salsa de tomate, queso, vino

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