Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I found some decent curry at Carrefour, and decided to attempt Chole, adapted from this recipe. It came out decent, however it was missing something...cinnamon? The curry powder didn't have a list of ingredients, so it's hard to say.



1. Chana (Kabuli chana) – 3/4 cup
2. Onion, 1 small
3. Tomato – 1/4th cup chopped
4. Ginger – 2tsp
5. Garlic – 1 large clove
6. Cumin Powder – 2tsp
7. Curry Powder – 2 pinchs
8. Aji picante – 1, finely chopped, without seeds
9. Salt – To taste
10. Oil – 3tsp

Soak chana in water about 6-8hrs.
Cook the chana.
Heat oil. Add onion and cumin and fry it on medium flame.
After one minute, add garlic and hot pepper. Cook.
Put Ginger, and curry powder and fry till it begin to golden colour on medium flame.
Add tomato and fry it, now put boiled chana ,1 cup water, and salt and boil it for 5-8 minutes.

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